Hello, my name is Unn Solli Rimstad (born 1966), raised and setteld in Tingvoll, Norway.

Tingvoll lays in the middle of Norway, in west.

Beside passion for dogs I work in health sector. I have always loved animals, and I love grooming and coat care.




My name is Asbjørn Rimstad (born 1962), and also raised and settled in Tingvoll.

During time when I don`t train dogs and hunts (passionally fixed on everthing who has to do with hunting), I work in road construction buisness.


We bought our first dog (Chow Chow) in 1985.

The kennel name UNAS was registerd in 1988.

We had our first litter in 1987. There were only 2 puppies, but we got a good start with the male puppy we kept, NUCH SUCH An – King.

Beside the champion title he won 2 x BIS, 1 x BIS, 2 x 3 BIS and several BIS placements as veteran. He became father of 23 puppies with kennel name UNAS.


Today we have built house on a small farm were Asbjørn grown up. Here we live freely, with fishing water, sea, mountains and hunting area just outside our front door. Our dogs can walk loose without take care of traffic, and we belive the dogs also loves this freedom.






Proud hunters



A brake in the hunting


We have tried a lot during time. Earlier we had cattels (Hereford), 4 Turkies in dogs yard, pearl chickens which run into the forest as soon they got out, 2 rabbits which after a few months grown up to be over 30..(hmm), pigs which during a summer outdoor became fast and skinny, and escaped Christmas dinner…

Today we have 9 dogs (5 Chow Chows, 2 Norwegian Elkhound, 1 Shiba and 1 English Setter).

We wish you welcome to visit our homepage!


                                             Unn and Asbjørn.