3 generations of Shiba

Unas Like a Virgin

Unas Livi'n Legend "Pluto"

Photo: L. Nagel
Photo: L. Nagel
Unas Like a Virgin "Vimse"
Photo: G. Aasheim

This old Japanese breed in spits group, filled with energy, is a very funny dog.

Today we got one female, Pei Fang Sorte Ting (Black / Tan), together with Marianne Holmli, Pei Fang Kennel.

She came to us 8 weeks old in 2003, and the kennel was turned up side down..


The quiet and calm Chow Chow wondered if their owners were gone crayzy. Did they put a cat into the dogs yard?

This is a dog filled with energy, and make all other dogs busy. Time when they slept during day is over!


The Shiba has an magnificent temper and use their language in an understanding way.

As a spits, and a very old dog, it can be a bit stubberd, but this is a proud dog which is social and easy to fell in love with.

Nothing is an secret for a Shiba, they use eyes, ears and nose every minut.

A lovely dog with a suitable size!